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Join the revolution – join Gigolution! Queue for an artist and get a fair chance at the ticket you deserve. No hidden fees, lock out ticket touts, support the artist and get access to exclusive content. Join us and revolutionise the live music industry, together we can do it!​

Join the Revolution Now
Crowd of fans at a concert with confetti.
The Revolution


Gigolution believes it's time to do things differently, we stand for the fans, artists and the music.  Gigolution is entirely against unfair practices in the live music industry and are taking action to make things better for everyone.​​

Fans - We believe in respecting fans.
​Artists - We believe in rewarding artists.
​Music - We believe in championing live music.​

Your support gives Gigolution strength to be heard and the power lead change. We promise to always stay true to our beliefs.​


  • Illustration showing a representation of the user interface of the Gigolution app. A music artist profile is shown at the top. underneath is the text: '456 fans want to see this artist perform live' with a representation of a list shown below and a button that says: 'join queue'.

    1Join the Queue

    Join an artist queue - this simple act will reserve your position for that artist ready for when the Gigolution box office opens.

  • Illustration of a handshake.

    2we ORGANISE the GIG

    When the numbers are right, we will work with the artist to get tickets or organise an exclusive gig for their Gigolution fans.

  • Illustration showing a representation of the user interface of the Gigolution app. Text is shown at the top that says: 'Your ticket just became available!'. An illustration of a ticket is shown below, with a button that says: ' purchase now'.

    3GET your ticket

    Your position in the queue provides you a personalised box office opening time to purchase your tickets for you and your gig group.​

Live Crowdfunding

CNFT Campaign

We've teamed up with digital artist Roz Hall to produce a collection of genre inspired vinyl images - starting with two collections of 10 genres and minting 600 of each!
Minting a Gigolution Standard Edition CNFT will not only provide you with the excellent art from Roz Hall but also comes with:

  • Free access to one Gigolution Artist Subscription
  • Money off vouchers Gigolution Marketplace
  • Entry into free draws for music collectables
Mint a Gigolution CNFT
Spotlight shining on a microphone.
Spotlight shining on a microphone.
Gigolution Backstage


Gigolution is building a wide variety of services to complement our unique box office, including an application to host media content, livestreaming, and fan-to-fan-to-artist communication. Fans will be able to follow their favourite artists, support new musicians, discover new music, access free content, and subscribe to exclusive content. The Gigolution Marketplace offers artist related merchandise, collectables & CNFT products.

See live performances, videos, photos, personal messages, and official merchandise direct from the artists you love. ​​Feel closer to popular artists you know or support new talent and be part of their growth.​

What Next?

Gigolution is free to join, create an account, queue for your favourite artists and share with your friends. Talk with us on our discord, support us through crowdfunding & follow us on twitter. The music revolution starts here!​

Join the Revolution Now