Gigolution NFT

Terms of Use

Last Updated May 9, 2022

Who owns what:

  • The NFT image is licensed to the holder for use within the rules set out in these terms and conditions.
  • The artwork is owned by Gigolution.
  • The NFT holder owns the individual NFT and the rights to the utilities it offers.

Private Use:

  • The NFT holder may use the NFT image of any 'genre' they own for private use without permission from Gigolution.
  • The NFT holder can resell the NFT for profit. Reselling the NFT will transfer these terms and conditions to the new NFT holder.

Commercial Use:

  • Gigolution may use any artwork for any commercial purpose.
  • The NFT holder can only use the NFT image commercially with written agreement from Gigolution.
  • Gigolution will act as an intermediary on behalf of all NFT holders.
  • Percentage of any profits received directly from the artwork for any 'genre' will be used to generate additional perks for NFT holders that own that 'genre'.

Gigolution Rights:

Gigolution reserves the right to:

  • make changes to perks and utilities offered to NFT holders.
  • separate the NFT utilities from the artwork.
  • make changes to NFT utilities.
  • determine the schedule of release for utilities and applications.
  • vary the schedule of release and features provided by geographical region.
  • make changes to these terms and conditions.